Mini Project
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Mini Project - Team E13

IOT-BASED FOOD GRAIN STORAGE MONITORING SYSTEM FOR SILOS is a system designed using edge computers / devices, The main objective of the system is to reduce the food grain wastage that is currently a problem in the food sector across India

Getting Started

Feature overview

Monitor your Silo

Using various sensors, we’re able to detect temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels and we make sure to keep them in check

Powerful Analytics

Analyze your data that’s collected using Google Sheets, know how your grain behaves when you’re not around

Reporting System

Get hourly reports of your silo via mail and stay updated

Worst Case Scenarios Managed

If you’re not around when something goes wrong, system takes control and maximum measures to minimize damage to the yield

Want to build your own?

I’ve got you covered and provided sample codes to verify working of all components, detect faulty components and avoid headaches.

Improve the project?

You’re free to improve upon this project, have a look at the final code for more reference