Mini Project
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Getting Started

This page tells you how to get started with this project, including installation and basic configuration.

Arduino IDE

Install requirements

Head over to the official website of Arduino - and download the installer as per the Operating System (Windows/Linux)

Windows Setup

Install the executable file mentioned as WIN7 and newer. After the installation connect your board and see if you can see any COM Ports under the Tools > Portsitmay be labeled as COM3, COM4, COM* in such a naming fashion, if there are no COM Ports visible you probably need the CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers

Linux Install

Download the LINUX 32bits/64bits zip file as per your device OS.
Download the arduino-*.*.*-linux64.tar.xz` to the Downloads folder and extract its contents.

# Make a copy of the folder on Desktop
cp -r arduino-*.*.* ~/Desktop/
cd ~/Desktop/arduino-*.*.*/

# run the script with SuperUser privileges
sudo ./

This should install the IDE to our system, and confirm your working of the board by running a simple program, if you get any Serial Port errors check the next section

Adding ESP32 Add-on in the IDE

Go to preferences and search for Additional Boards Manager URLs: add the following URL in the text box if you have any other URLs, you can combine them by separating them by a , like this URL1, URL2
Go to Tools > Board > Boards Manager and search for ESP32 by Espressiff Systems and install the files.
Now you should be able to see ESP32 Arduino under Tools > Boards

Other Settings

Under File > Preferences check the following boxes\

  • Display Line Numbers
  • Enable Code Folding
  • Save when verifying or uploading
  • Level of Compiler Warnings
  • Display of Verbose Output during compilation and upload

Platform IO

Install Visual Studio Code

Download Visual Studio Code, for your platform from the Official Website


  • Install the PlatformIO extension from the Extensions tab
  • Create New Project
  • Choose platform - espressif32, board - esp32dev, framework - arduino

Additional Setup

Installing the CP210x Drivers [Windows]

Head over to Silicon Labs website - and install the drivers

User privileges error [Linux]

Sometimes you might not be having User Privileges to access the Serial Ports on your system.
Thankfully the devs at Arduino have written a simple script for us to run to eliminate this issue

# get your username
echo $USER

# Run the script
./ $USER

# Reboot System for changes to take effect
sudo reboot