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Safe food storage has always been a major issue in our country. The changing climatic conditions of India have been posing a great challenge to our farmers who are heavily dependent on seasonal changes in weather. Global warming and rapidly increasing pollution have had a great impact on crop yield for years now. Bad weather conditions often damage the yields beyond repair. Our project “IOT BASED FOOD GRAIN STORAGE MONITORING SYSTEM FOR SILOS” aims to provide a system to maintain silos in a safe and hygienic environment to store food grains by monitoring them at regular intervals, we keep track of the parameters in the silo, such as temperature, humidity and carbon-di-oxide (CO2) level concentrations. Values recorded at regular intervals of time help us analyse and visualise the data, and observe the effects of these parameters on the food grains stored, while providing protection against pests, rodents and other organisms that can affect the yield. It has also been observed that while the grains are stored in such silos, due to the natural processes we have a lot of CO2 concentration in the silos which has caused many fatal deaths of farmers. This issue has been mitigated in the project by implementing an emergency procedure which will be activated to open the grain bin and release the toxic gases from the silo. Through our project, we believe we can innovate in the grain storage space and solve the problems faced by the farmers.

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